Brain2Midi and Muse white headband Bundle

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Brain2MIDI convert brainwaves into MIDI signals. Apply filters and algorithms to the frequencies and generate MIDI to control your favourite music production software, synthesizer or visual effects software.

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Muse Headset Support Yes

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Brain2Midi is an Android software that produce Midi notes and controls change signals using brainwaves. Midi is transmitted from an Android 4.4 device using either a USB to MIDI cable to any compatible physical input, or using Wifi or Bluetooth to a computer on the Windows 7 platform. The Muse headband from InteraXon is used as an input source for brainwaves, then informations are analyzed and converted into melodies or CC parameters. Brain2Midi can be used to create music that is influenced by the state of mind of the person wearing the headband or it can be used to create visual animations in any Midi compatible VJ software.

You will need a MUSE headband (Vision EEG is an affiliate member of InteraXon), an Android 4.4 device and a Windows 7 PC to use Brain2MIDI. You will be able to connect your Android device via USB to MIDI interface using specialized cables, or simply by using the provided WIFI and Bluetooth Windows server which will send MIDI notes to LoopBe1 free MIDI virtual port.

Please note that Brain2Midi will not reproduce the melody or the rythm you have in mind. It can be quite difficult to control mental states at will. Vision EEG is aware of that and our goal is to improve the algorithms over the years to, we hope, one day succeed to reach this dream of many people.